Rainbow's End

Rainbow's End
Rainbow's End Mini Rose

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April SOS Meeting~~ Roses Galore

                         Our SOS Meeting in April was held at the

                                        Home of Gwen Ochoa

                                         I am in extreme need of a yard Clean up!!

                                          Gwen made this rose bed in the fall.

                                           This weather is perfect for roses.

                                                   This is Maggie.
                                                          Meet Martha Gonzales.

                                                                       First Impressions 
                                                     Cramoisis Superier
                                                                Perle d' Or
                                                           Canna and Trailing Verbena
                                                Carol and Nancy working in a weedy bed
                                                         Margaret cleaning out another bed.
                         Clean and mulched bed after Carol, Nancy Margaret and I cleaned it  out
                                                     Ladies thanks so much for all your help!!
                                              After we finished we had a delicious brunch.
                     We had breakfast casserole, corn salad, tossed salad,  fruit salad,
                                                         and a great conversation and visit!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

March Sirens of the Soil Fieldtrip

                 March Fieldtrip to Southwest Louisiana

                       Master Gardener's Plant Sale

                                         We gathered to carpool to Lake Charles for the Plant Sale.
                                               We couldn't wait to get there.
                                                   And we weren't disappointed!!

                                        I loved the way they organized their Daylilies.
                                        The Dayli.y Society also had unnamed Amaryllis for $1 each. What a deal!!

                                    The Plant Show and Exhibit had lots of lovely plants on display.

                                           Margaret is admiring a lovely garden apron
                                           I coaxed the girls to let me take a picture, 
                                            Carol, Myra and Margaret smile.
                                                        Now it's my turn.
                                             Nancy was on an adventure of her own .
                                                       We discovered a new love Tillandsia!!!

                                       IT WAS A LOVEY BUT WE RAN OUT OF MONEY!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Shangri La

                     A Visit to the Scarecrow Festival