Rainbow's End

Rainbow's End
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Friday, December 14, 2012

Merry Christmas ~~~It's Party Time!!~~~~~

                   It's December and that means time for The Sirens of the Soil Christmas Party!!!
 We decided to meet at Cracker  Barrel of our annual gala.  We met Tuesday, December 11th.
We met at 9:30 a.m.. We brought a gift to exchange. We have a new member and would like to welcome Myra Emerson to our group.  Myra said her sister Gerri Adams would like to join as well.
Francis couldn't be there as she had to babysit and Linda had a date with the refrigerator repair man.  Deanna was working.  We also enjoyed meeting Carol's Mom, Metta.  She was a sweet surprise!!!   We would love having her come any time she can.
                                         Pictures of our gang and me with and without my glasses.

                                          Left to Right: Gwen , Carol, (front) Myra, Margaret, and Metta
           Metta got a Rosemary Christmas Tree and Carol received a goose planter
                                                      with a poinsettia in it.
                                                         Margaret got a fountain and a calendar.
                                                             Myra got a frog planter! Ribbit!!

                                         I got some fertilizer called "Medina Plus!"
                                            It make plants healthy .  What about me?

                                       Sybil got a bird feeder!
                               We also drew Months for garden work.  Sybil was kind of sad that she drew                        
                                  the month of January but we decided we would either visit a botanical garden or
                                  make her a herb garden.  (If the weather is too cold or yucky its the botanical
                                   garden.)     We had a fun time and missed our friends who didn't make it.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Loving Hypertufa

 Last fall the SOS gals got together and made hypertufa pots and these are what I made. The pot on the pedestal is two separate pieces .  It was a hollow pedestal made in a plastic pot with a hypertufa bowl on top.  I decorated the bowl with marbles.
Carol , Sybil and I got together the Tuesday after our Shangri-la Adventure and played in the mud.
 This year I made a face and another pedestal.  A solid pedestal this time. Making  Hypertufa only made me want to make more ...so I did the next day .

 I enjoyed it so much I still want to do more. I used more marbles and tried to make a big trough.
                                                         But it was an oopsy!!!!

It broke in the corner . When It dries more I will try to repair it.
Unfortunately Sybil's cracked too!
Carols looks great though.
                                             I made a ball too!

                                          These are Carols' pots.  You can see She has a little ball too.
                                                  The square one may be used as a pedestal.

                                           Now a few pictures of the November garden!
                                                     This is my cacti...in the rectangle box is 
                                               Dragon Fruit Vines and a Hawaiian Vine.
                                                                My papaya tree! 

                                                       Green papaya fruit....will it ripen?
                                                  Thumbergia Blue Sky Vine and Bleeding Heart Vine
                                                                 Mexican Flame Vine

                            The garden is waiting for winter and working until the freeze................

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sun Rise Bayou Breakfast

Field Trip to Shangri-La  (Nov. 3,2012.)
We got up Saturday morning and went to Orange Texas' Secret Treasure.
We left at 6:30 a.m. and were there before 7a.m for a Breakfast on the Bayou.

Carol Parsley, Sybil LaPray, and Gwen Ochoa

Loading the boat
For breakfast we had fruit , scones, muffins and orange juice , coffee, or water.

And then we were off....... 

 Wanda Woods was the tour leader.

 The Survivor Tree an over 1000 year old bald cypress~~~~here before Colombus came to America!

                                                            Home for birds!!
                                                  Can you see three spider webs?

                                                     Can you see a snake?
                                                      E.T Phone Home~~~~Cypress Knee
                                                      Can you see the birds?
 After the Bayou Tour we went to the garden to look at the plants.  These were the in the greenhouse.

                                                     Sybil and Carol
                                                                  Sybil and Gwen
                                          We finished off our morning looking at the Scare Crow Exhibit!

 There were over 80 scarecrows......we had a wonderful morning.