Rainbow's End

Rainbow's End
Rainbow's End Mini Rose

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Love Rain Barrels!

I saw this at the Master Gardener's Convention.
Who wouln't love a rain barrel like this.  Maybe we will make one this fall.

A May Day at the LaPray Compound.

  On May 8th we gathered at Sybil's house to view her garden and weed her almost perfect beds.  As a special treat she took us for a ride to see the family homes all around her.  She has a brand new home and is just getting started adding to the landscape.  It looks lovely .
Weeding almost perfect beds.  Her vegetable garden was amazing . Forgot to take a picture but she had cucumbers and tomatoes galore.

Off for a visit areound the Family compound........

We got to ride a Mule!!!  It was so much fun!  Especially for Margaret and me in the back.....Great Vibrations!!!

Then the Sirens enjoyed a wonderful brunch... Thanks Sybil, for a great day!
I gave Sybil some blackberry vines and she made a nice blackberry patch on the south side of her house. Here's what they will look like next year.

We will rest for the months of June, July and August .  We will meet again in September.