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Rainbow's End
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

I want a flowerpot wreath.

Everybody wanted to play in the mud so I have to make the flowerpot wreath by myself! Boo hoo! I gave the girls that wanted them red spiderlily bulbs . My hubby dug them up in prep for the potting shed he is making me in the background. I also had sweetpea and poppy seends for the girls. Now is the time to plant them ladies. You can plant them anytime between now and December.
If you plant some now and some later they will bloom for a longer period.

Yummy things to eat....

Mischelle and Linda getting a plate full of delectable delights!!!----->>>>>>>>
Vicky, Deborah, Carol, Margaret and Francis enjoying the brunch and the good conversation.


Here is Gwen's just made planter.
All the projects ready to cure!!!! We can't wait to open our projects but will check them next week!

Our October 11th Meeting.

We met at Gwen's house for our October 11th meeting because Maxine is unable to participate in the club. We had a great time playing in the mud! We made Hypertufa planters and troughs! We got started at 8a.m. and were finished playing before 10:00. We made balls, planters troughs, mushrooms, rocks, and Linda Hoosier even made what looks like a butterfly drinking station. We had two visiters who are thinking about joining our group Deborah and Vicky. We had a brunch following our Hypertufa session. We have lots of great cooks in our group. We had chicken salad sandwiches, tuna salad with celery and crackers, tortilla pinwheels,kolanches, ham and cheese crossiants,deviled eggs, freash apple pie, coconut banana nut bread,and apple dumplings. The best part of our morning was the visiting and conversation.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Intresting Website


Sept Work Day Pictures

While working at Mischelle's we took about 100 (at least it seemed like 100) pups off her Seago Palm. We cleaned out her vegetable and strawberry beds and planted some herb seeds. As well as helped Mischelle make the pot wreath. We weeded her other beds as well.

Pictures from Sept Work Meeting