Rainbow's End

Rainbow's End
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Working in the Clouds!!! (On Cloud Nine)

When I got out of my car this is the first thing I saw~~~~`

                                                 What is it???

                                            Margaret told me it is Gaura!!!  Beautiful!!!

                                                                Now I need some of this.
Work Day at Margaret's House
We met together April 16th  at 9a.m.
It was a cloudy, misty morn perfect for working in the yard.
Everybody ask about her beautiful Gaura.
She has it in several different colors.

                                          Margaret had everything set up for us to get started!
                                            It didn't take long until we were finished.
                                         And then the fun begin~~~touring her beautiful yard!!
                                                We stepped into a magazine with amazing vistas.
                                                                Container plantings
                                                      Art and an amazing potting shed.
                                                             A relief of us!!!   I just love it!!
                                                                          Painted Pots
                                                                         so pretty

                                                                   Blooming Sedum
                                                                             Us by the pool
                                                                           Pond area
                                                                     Cottage garden
                                                                         A brain!!!

                             Margaret prepared three delicious salads for us ~~~Corn Salad~~~brocolli salad~~~
                                                         an orange jello fluff salad...It was all yummy the the
                                                        visit and conversation were the BEST!!!
                                                         Thank you Margaret for the Super Fun Day!!!