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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Citrus Grafting Workshop Field Trip ~ Lake Jackson Here We Come!!!

We have Arrived!!!!
 Margaret Butler, Gwen Ochoa, Myra Emerson, and Carol Parsley went to Mr. John Panzarella's 
Citrus Grafting Workshop in a far-away-land!! After a two hour drive full of laughter and good conversation we finally arrived!  Luckily several other field-trippers arrived early as well so they could take our picture

 Upon arriving this tree was the first thing to catch our eyes.  It is some kind of pear shaped  Kumquat. It was rather large and I wanted to grab one and taste it but I knew it would be rude to take someones fruit without asking and I reasoned it would probably be rude to ask a stranger to give me a bite of his fruit.
       Here is a picture of our teacher Mr. Panzarella talking to our photographer.
                                              A very knowledgeable teacher indeed!
                   He  had this tree near his front door and Pecan trees in his front yard as well.
                  When he let us go into his back yard all I could say  was WOW!!!!
                       I think he said he had over 150 varieties of citrus in his back yard,  which had chickens meandering around eating lunch, and sloped down in the back to a bayou. The chickens kept the yard very                            clean.  There were varieties of lemon, grapefruit, orange, satsuma, plummelo, lime, tangerine,calamon avocado, peaches, persimmons, pomagrantes, pear, papaya, miracle fruit and more.

                                                                   A Lemon Tree.
                                                    This was our grafting area.
                                                 The Bayou at the edge of his property.
                                      A pear tree.  We could choose whether to graft a citrus or a pear of both.
                                                    These were huge papaya trees.
                                      We had the lecture in the garage and a slide presentation.
                                          Mr. Panzarella was very informative and knowledgeable.
                                       While there we met a lady from Sour Lake  named Maria.
                                        She is pictured on the far right.
                                           Mr. Panzarella demonstrates how to cleft graft a citrus.
                                                        Myra videoed the demonstration.
                                                      Myra and Margaret inspect the finished product.
                               We all chose to graft the Ujikitsu Lemon which is so sweet it taste like Lemonade.

                                                  Miracle Fruit in the greenhouse.
                 The tree to the left of the bench is a pink grapefruit . (I have one of those.)
The whole day was great and very interesting.  In the winter Mr. Panzarella has a 
Citrus Tasting Open House .  Get on his website and check it out.
Or do a google search: Citrus information, Citrus Lake Jackson or John Panzarella citrus