Rainbow's End

Rainbow's End
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Friday, November 11, 2011

The brunch was delicious!!!

Margaret made a Ham and Cheese Strata with deviled eggs, cheesey cornbread and a yummy Apple Cake for Dessert. We had a lovely day . I wish I had taken pictures of the gardens but you all would have been so amazed!! She said her friends had given her many of the plants and that her friend Velma and Margie have been especially helpful and generous. She has some wonderful friends.

The cottage and the craft room with projects.

Some of her mosaic work .

The craft room. She has been working with silverware. A nifty key ring.

A family sized shower with a huge window looking out into the veranda where the potting station is.
Yes that is the living room and check out the murphy bed standing behind the couch.

She calls it an apartment but I call it a cottage. The door to get in is right past the Potting Station and here's a look at the lovely cottage.
The window is huge and its in the shower! I love it.
Check out the bottles on the kitchen back splash . I see a bottle tree in the future :)

A romp through the garden

Shhhh The secret garden. It's cool and inviting.

Checking out the potting station. It is so roomy.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Margaret's Potting Station

Margaret showing us a neat plant holder she got from Overstock .com How about this neat retractable water hose???

No this doesn't belong to Martha Stewart...It's Margaret Butler's I love it!!!

Sweet Garden Fairies

Ready for a wreath maker~~

Ava and Laila on the Butterfly Chairs.

You just wouldn't believe your eyes!!

We were small this month in more than one way . Gwen brought two of her little grand daughters with her to the meeting and they were excited to go to a
"Garden Party". I don't know if it's what they had in mind. But they were lovely little garden helpers. We worked, toured and visited the home of Margaret Butler this month. She even had craft ideas and the ever growing flowerpot wreath to work on if time permitted.
Margaret had beautiful gardens and we saw many different kinds of gardens in her spacious yard. Margaret had water features , water gardens, a rose garden, a tropical garden, a hidden garden,a cottage garden and perennials galore! Margaret's potting Station was a dream come true! I took several pictures for the inspiration it can give others. She has a lovely little cottage off the potting station and a nice roomy craftroom we may get to use someday.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I made my flowerpot wreath!!! Now where to put it???

The day after our last meeting I sat outside and made my wreath!!! I was quite pleased with myself! Now I will have to fill it but I think I'll wait until spring or maybe not. What do you think? I have some left over pots if any other Sirens want to make one. In a few days I may post another picture of it filled with plants that love the winter.